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4535 Taper Lock Bushings

If you're in the market for a new bushing for your motor, you might be wondering: "What is a tapered bushing?" If so, you've come to the right place. This article will help you understand the difference between Standard Taper Bushings and Taper-Lock Bushings, and the differences between them. No matter which type of bushing you choose, you will find a tapered lock bushing that fits your motor.
Split Taper Bushings, also known as QDs, are designed to mount sprockets, and pulleys to shafts. They are separated along their outer diameter and keyed to the drive components, ensuring that the components are securely mounted on the shaft even if the fasteners break. Split tapered bushings are interchangeable between manufacturers, so you don't have to worry about figuring out what kind of bushing you need based on its appearance.
A tapered bushing is a locking mechanism commonly used in power transmission components. They are made of precision cast iron and computer etched to specify their dimensions. These bushings feature wedge action handles for a secure connection and excellent clamping force. The most common types of tapered bushings are QD bushings and Taper-Lock bushings. Typically, they are used in applications requiring high torque.
Another tapered bushing is the QTL Tapered Lock Clamp Bushing. These bushings are designed to clamp the hub securely to the axle. They provide greater alignment and are more accurate than keyways. To install a taper lock bushing, you must order the appropriate QTL taper lock flange and hub. This ensures a tight fit. This is comparable to a shrink-fit because the 2 bushings do not move once installed.

Taper Lock Bushing Size Chart

The dimension table below shows the standard dimensions of the taper lock bushing, please note that the following figure is the basic dimension required, the actual installation and removal of the bolt holes may vary.

One of the many advantages of tapered locking bushing is its ability to reduce its whole length. This unique design of the bushing allows it to fit tightly in tight spaces while providing a slimmer fit than flanged bushings. However, when using these bushings, it is important to remember that the inner and outer surfaces of the bushing must be cleaned prior to assembly. Otherwise, you will find yourself changing bushings frequently.
Always check bolt size before installing tapered locking bushings. The size chart below shows the standard sizes of these bushings. These dimensions are for basic sizing requirements only, as actual bolt holes may differ from those on the chart. The lubricant you use is critical to the life of your new bushing. Regardless of the type of thread, it is critical to use the correct thread to keep your vehicle in good working order.
The number of holes on the tapered lock bushing will determine its quality and performance. An even number of holes is best for high-speed use, while a tapered sleeve with an odd number of holes is better for low-speed use. Some CBC stores sell these ready-made bushings in various sizes. If you can't find the right size, you can also search for manufacturers that specialize in custom sizes.
Before installing the tapered lock bushing, you should thoroughly clean the inside and outside of the part. Remove the old bushing from the hub. Make sure it has no cracks and lines up with the half hole. Match threads and holes to ensure proper installation. Once done, install the new lock bushing into the hub. Then, use a torque wrench to tighten the screws to the recommended torque.

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